Bluetorch was asked by MDM Design to research the buying behaviour around woundcare products at the pharmacy shelf, to better inform the new packaging design of  Smith + Nephew products.

Old pack designs on the pharmacy shelf.

Observations at the pharmacy.

The first stage of research included visiting 13 pharmacies to observe buyer behaviour around the purchase of woundcare products. This was then followed by interviews with pharmacists and retail staff, identifying the questions and problems consumers have in choosing woundcare products.

Many consumers were confused and overwhelmed at the shelf and often left the pharmacy without a purchase. It was critical to design packs that were easier to understand, informative and non-confrontational.

Consumer focus groups.

Several focus groups were conducted with consumers to understand their knowledge of the product category and the issues they face when making purchase decisions.

We also tested several new pack designs to determine the primary factors consumers look for when choosing the right woundcare product.

New pack designs by MDM Design.

A clearer choice.

Packs were redesigned to help consumers choose their own woundcare product, rather then relying on pharmacy intervention. Usage instructions, benefits and sizing were all factors that were redesigned based on the focus group insights.

Services included:

  • Buyer behaviour observation
  • Interviews with 13 pharmacists and pharmacy staff
  • 2 consumer focus groups
  • Research report and packaging recommendations