Museum Victoria is the largest museum organisation in Australia comprising Melbourne Museum, Scienceworks, Immigration Museum and Royal Exhibition Building – each offering a highly differentiated experience.

In 2004, Museum Victoria commissioned Bluetorch with the task of creating a unified brand identity.


Visitation at Museum Victoria’s venues was declining across the board, and there was little awareness of the collection of venues Museum Victoria held under its name.

The business needed a unified brand, which didn’t jeopardise the loyalty of staff and visitors to individual venues. The project methodology, therefore, needed to deliberately facilitate immediate and positive staff engagement with all parts of the brand.


We embarked on an audit of Museum Victoria’s brand and communications, as well as its competitors, followed by strategic workshops, before developing a unique brand positioning and architecture strategy for the Museum Victoria masterbrand and its family of venues.

A new logo (or series of logos) was not enough to deliver the objectives. Instead, we decided a new visual language was needed to communicate the brand vision. We designed a comprehensive ‘visual identity system’ which unified the brand while still allowing each venue its own personality and unique identity.

To encourage positive staff engagement, we provided an opportunity for all staff to be involved in the development process.

Extensive workshops were held with staff groups to identify the unique qualities of each venue. As a result, they felt more connected to the future of the business, and we were able to gain insight into the brand from their perspective.

The visual identity system incorporated five key elements: logos, colour palettes, typography, graphic patterns and imagery. The network symbol in the brand marks immediately established each venue as part of a family, while the rest of the design gave each venue its own identity that was best suited to their personality and target audience. A brand philosophy book was also published to communicate the brand vision to all staff.

Visual positioning boards served to differentiate each venue


Through ongoing interaction with staff across the entire organisation, we witnessed first hand the level of engagement at an all time high. The flexibility and structure of the visual identity system has allowed for individual expression of each venue, while building the Museum Victoria business as one unified brand. Awareness of the ‘family’ of venues has also allowed greater opportunities for cross-promotion between venues, particularly in advertising.

Services included:

  • Competitor audit and review
  • Brand and communication audit
  • Brand positioning and architecture strategy for masterbrand and venues
  • Facilitation of strategic workshops with marketing and communication staff
  • Facilitation of multiple workshops with museum staff throughout project
  • Brand implementation planning
  • Creative brief and management
  • Strategic and creative direction