Funding from the Australian Sports Commission backed Gymnastics Australia to develop a national program focused on introducing fundamental movement skills to children in early childhood centres and primary schools.

Designed by Liquid Creative


Gymnastics Australia had been delivering programs through clubs, schools and community centres for many years, however the branding had become fragmented and confused over time. The opportunity was to re-package its existing programs and deliver them under an umbrella brand.

The challenge was two fold – how do we create a brand that can appeal to a 4 year old child as well as a young teen attracted to a diverse mix of sports and activities, and how can we dis-associate the brand from the high performance perception of Gymnastics.

Designed by Liquid Creative


A strategic decision to not use the term ‘gymnastics’ or ‘gym’ in the branding, lead us to create a new brand name, Launchpad. We created a communication structure and series of sub brands that were used to appeal to differently aged children, as well as their parents, coaches and teachers. The Launchpad brand was underpinned by the unifying idea ‘Time to Move’, that became the essence of the visual and verbal language.

Designed by Liquid Creative


The Launchpad brand evoked a double meaning – not only a starting point, but also a destination. It represented the name of the children’s physical space – their ‘pad’. Several animated characters were developed to humanize the program and connect to the participants. The characters ‘grow’ in age and development, along with the children who participate in the program – from toddler through to teen.

Services included:

  • Industry review and analysis
  • Brand strategy
  • Brand naming
  • Character back-story development
  • Marketing strategy