In 1997 Vincent Lazzara was an essential part of the team at FHA Image Design (now FutureBrand) who were asked to reposition the AFL brand. Vincent was the strategic lead and project director of a rebranding effort that took the better part of two years.

Designed by FHA Image Design


Despite having branched out into new states over the previous decade, the AFL was still perceived as being a Victoria-centric sporting organisation. To become truly national it had to start making in-roads into new territories that had no ‘Aussie Rules’ tradition. This vision required the AFL to be positioned not just as a football code, but as an Australian national pastime of true cultural significance.

Designed by FHA Image Design

The AFL was no longer just competing against other sports, but against all forms of entertainment and leisure.

The new brandmark confidently displays what is unique about the brand – the shape of the oval, the football and goal posts. Our most ambitious objective was to replace the parochial ‘Aussie Rules’ vernacular with AFL. Over ten years later most people refer to the uniqueness and excitement of the AFL game.

Once the new brand was launched we were asked to develop a comprehensive design style for all AFL merchandise. This culminated in the production of a 200 page style guide introducing the official AFL licensed brands to all licensees.

Services included:

  • Research into the sporting and entertainment sectors, including review and analysis of existing research reports, decision drivers and future trends.
  • Competitor audit and review
  • Brand and communication audit
  • Brand identity and positioning strategy
  • Brand implementation planning
  • Creative brief and management
  • Presentation to AFL Commission and club administrators
  • Presentation to licensees