Bluetorch was asked to develop a brand strategy for Sustainability Development Consultants (SDC) to help position them amongst property developers and architects as the sustainability experts.

Designed by Grosz Co.Lab


Having once been a pioneer within the emerging Sustainable Development industry, SDC were suddenly competing with new entrants from many angles – large engineering firms, international consulting conglomerates, and backyard operators.

It was critical for SDC to define their key markets, find their voice and differentiate their core offer.

Designed by Grosz Co.Lab


Competitors within the sector do not actively communicate the emotive benefits to their clients, leaving a positioning opportunity for SDC. SDC had the opportunity to not only consult on sustainability issues and requirements, but to also inspire and influence clients to become advocates for a healthier world.

We developed a brand promise based on collaborating with clients to deliver better places to live. This statement connected the brand to their core competency, as well as a clear purpose for developers, architects and planners alike.

Designed by Grosz Co.Lab

Services included:

  • Competitor analysis
  • Client workshops
  • Brand strategy development
  • Marketing communication planning