Neue Luxury is a luxury print and digital platform established by luxury communication and branding agency, 3 Deep. The platform focusses on a global dialogue on luxury in the 21st century across multiple categories such as art, culture, retail, automotive, fashion and beauty.

Artwork by Julia Aquilia Severa, 3 Deep, Azuma Makoto

Defining a new generation of luxury consumers.

Figuring out how to define, understand, communicate and engage with the luxury market and its consumers can be a tricky beast. Since the turn of the century, a new generation of luxury consumer has become more prominent, and brands need help to understand what luxury means to this emerging market, and how best to engage and interact with them.

The Neue Luxury Research Report was created to complement the release of 3 Deep’s Neue Luxury broadsheet. The report was sent to new business prospects within the luxury industry and provided insights into the global trends and attitudes.

Images and design by 3 Deep

Six dimensions of luxury.

Bluetorch was commissioned to establish research and content for the Report in addition to working with 3 Deep to develop a methodology for luxury brands to assess their effectiveness. Collectively we devised the ‘six dimensions of luxury’. While every brand must define their own identity and values, the six key dimensions were a recommendation for how to classify a brands strengths and weaknesses. Within the report each dimension was discussed and demonstrated through a range of relevant luxury case studies.

Images and design by 3 Deep


The report served as a body of critical recommendations for branding and communication within the luxury landscape. It also promoted the Neue Luxury platform and 3 Deep’s strategic luxury consultancy offer.

Images and design by 3 Deep

Services included:

  • Comprehensive industry analysis
  • Luxury Consumer interviews
  • Analysis of industry reports and consumer data
  • Research publication
  • Development of a luxury communication framework