Bluetorch is a brand, marketing and business strategy consultancy founded by Vincent Lazzara more than 12 years ago. We help organisations uncover, understand and deliver their unique brand vision through strategic insight, engagement and action.

We work with organisations that need to:

  • Re-position or re-evaluate their brand
  • Create a new business, brand or product
  • Develop marketing and communication strategies to support a new brand positioning
  • Align internal behaviours with their brand values and promise
  • Integrate a brand strategy through all business areas and disciplines

How we can help

Bluetorch is a consultancy specialising in brand analysis, strategy development, internal brand engagement and the delivery of meaningful brand experiences.

While we consult directly with organisations – ranging from blue chip companies through to SMEs – we also work with design agencies to deliver strategic services to their clients.

Bluetorch offers services within the following five areas:


We’ll help you discover the perceptions that surround your brand, as well as the opportunities for its growth. Your brand must be connected to your customer needs, be unique in your category and be aligned with your values and ambitions.



This is about strategy. 
A vision needs a strategy in order to create enduring brand relevance. We’ll help define what it is you stand for and how you can communicate this effectively.



We collaborate with the best creative specialists to bring your brand to life visually, and ensure the brands strategy has the best chance for success.



A brand promise is only as good as its delivery; staff behaviour and organisational actions leave lasting impressions. We can help ensure staff are engaged with your brand vision and strategy.



Every time a current or potential customer comes in contact with your business is an opportunity to deliver a brand experience – to leave a unique and engaging brand impression.


Leading brands today are honest, transparent and inspiring. They ignite passion and excitement. They stand out by being authentic, communicating their story clearly, and consistently delivering value. They inspire confidence and loyalty.

In this hyper-competitive world, successful brands seek to create an enduring legacy by meaningfully connecting with society. More and more, companies are integrating purpose and meaning into the way they do business. Why? Because brands that adopt more meaningful modes of behaviour are continually outstripping their competitors.

Purpose gives meaning to your brand and enables people at all levels of your business to connect, engage and advocate the company values.

To find, reconnect with, or communicate your brand purpose, contact us.