Brands reside in the customer’s experience – a result of him or her encountering, observing, buying, using and interacting with an organisation’s products or services.

Every one of these experiences is a ‘moment of truth’ for the brand/customer relationship – the experience will either be positive or negative, forgetful or engaging, differentiating or indistinguishable.

Everyday behaviours
Staff behaviours leave lasting brand impressions.
Make sure they understand the behaviours required to deliver the brand vision, promise and values.

Key points of contact
Understand your customer brand journey, then design and manage the key ‘moments of truth’ that your audience has with your brand.

Brand innovations
Create opportunities for your brand to exist beyond a transaction for a commodity.
Develop organisational innovations that actively demonstrate a commitment to reach your brand vision.


Services we provide include:

  • Brand-to-customer journey mapping
  • Integrated marketing communication planning
  • Brand monitoring and evaluation
  • Brand launch and implementation