Research and analysis is an essential component of any successful business, branding, marketing or design endeavour. It can validate assumptions, define existing perceptions and test new business ideas before making major investments of time and capital.

Research allows organisations to obtain new ideas for products, services, and business processes that directly meet evolving customer needs. It arms marketing professionals with the feedback needed to develop effective, targeted strategies, and to test both prior to and after launch to gauge effectiveness.

Our objective is to gain as much insight into your business and brand as possible. This involves analysing client needs, market opportunities and your business potential – this may involve qualitative research, competitive intelligence and client consultation through surveys, interviews, workshops, focus groups and audits. We tailor the method to suit a client’s needs, budget and time constraints.

This step in the process is crucial to informing your brand vision.


Services we provide include:

  • Qualitative research and analysis
  • Comprehensive brand audit
  • Competitive and peer industry reviews
  • Employee and customer focus groups and workshops
  • Knowledge holder interviews
  • Target audience segmentation
  • Buyer behaviour analysis
  • Brand-to-customer journey map